Ignite the ambiance of your event with our dynamic assortment of handcrafted light-up marquee letters, numbers, and symbols! At B Luxe Events, we take pride in our Wichita, KS small business roots, crafting each rental Light-up Marquee letter by hand to bring your unique vision to life and ensure your special occasion is truly LIT! Handcrafted in-house, our letters and signs are tailored to accommodate your special requests, making your event uniquely yours. Explore our inventory and join countless happy clients who've turned ordinary into extraordinary. 

Discover our Collection:

  • Our striking 4ft. light-up marquee letters and numbers promise to be the highlight of your event, offering a wide range of choices for any number, letter, or symbol.
  • Opt for our 3ft. light-up marquee letters and numbers, perfect for any event venue and delivering the same "wow!" factor as our 4 ft. marquee letters!
  • Elevate your event to the next level with our ingenious stacking racks, allowing you to create a stunning visual impact by stacking our letters for an unforgettable wow effect.
  • Discover a variety of possibilities with our extensive selection of symbols.


Why Choose Us? As Wichita small business natives, we infuse each letter with a personal touch and handcraft them to perfection.

Ready to Illuminate Your Event?  Let's make your event shine! 🌟

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